Data Breaches in Education
Not just Capital One, Equifax: Data breaches at school, risking your family's security

Districts maintain reams of sensitive information about employees, students and families, all of it online and accessible to varying degrees to hundreds or thousands of employees — not all of whom were paying particularly close attention.

Broken Arrow Schools Victim Of Ransomware Attack

Broken Arrow Public Schools has recently been experiencing network and server issues which are believed to be caused by criminal actors attempting to disrupt the operations of our district.

More than 24,000 Greenville County schools students, alumni impacted by data breach

The names and birth dates of more than 24,000 current and former students of the Greenville County school district were exposed by a data breach, according to a statement from the district.

NV: CCSD says data breach has exposed student, staff information

Names and “in some instances” dates of birth of more than 550,000 former and current Clark County School District students were compromised in a data security incident.

AL: Houston County Schools pushes school start back further after breach

The delay is due to continued problems caused by a malware attack on the system's server.

IL: Dist. 26 Discovers Data Breach (Pearson)

River Trails School Dist. 26 officials said they became aware Wednesday (July 31) of a data breach that occurred last November affecting student information dating back to 1997.

Morris Jeff School becomes latest Louisiana school to suffer cybersecurity breach

Morris Jeff Community School in New Orleans has become the latest Louisiana public school — and apparently the first in the metro area — to experience a cybersecurity breach

School division announces third-party data breach

Shenandoah County Public School administrators recently announced a vendor they once used had a data breach that compromised some student and administrator data.

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