Empower employees to identify and stop phishing attacks in their tracks.

Successful phishing campaigns are the number one cause of data breaches. Routinely running phishing simulations on your staff helps prepare them to be your first line of defense and is a key part of any effective security awareness program.

Managed Phishing Simulation

Anti-phishing and security training solutions show employees the different types of attacks, how to recognize the subtle clues, and report suspicious emails to IT. Breachpoint enables any organization to easily conduct authorized attacks to evaluate and re-evaluate employee susceptibility to social engineering tactics.

Increased Security

Phishing simulation provides quantifiable results that can be measured. These measurements allow improvements to be identified and tracked.


With the comprehensive reporting, key stakeholders can understand the security weaknesses. Risky employee behaviors can quickly be identified and mitigated.

Demonstrated Responsibility

Phishing simulations demonstrate that your organization understands the current threat environment and are taking steps to reduce risk.

Improved Training Retention

After experiencing a controlled phishing attack, employees understand and are more security conscious. This reinforces a security culture by actively changing risky behaviors.

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