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How vulnerable is your school to hacked user passwords?
A whopping 25% of employees are using the same password for all logins, and 56% use the same password across personal and work accounts.

What if that password is available on the dark web?
A massive amount of passwords are compromised due to previous data breaches and used by the bad guys for attacks. Are any hacked passwords in use within your organization? It only takes one compromised password match for the bad guys to gain access.

Breachpoint's Dark Web Monitoring allows you to detect if your staff's credentials have been compromised in a third-party breach and trafficked on the dark web, so that you can take immediate action to prevent a breach.

• Protect against a breach with early detection of compromised user credentials.

• Monitor the dark web for stolen credentials of your staff.

• Safeguard the personal credentials of highly-targeted administrators and privileged users.

• Be alerted as soon as compromised user credentials are discovered on the dark web.

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